Shima Curry & Rice

Fresh vegetables, fragrant spices & Bonito soup.

Rice ball sets/450yen

Two mini rice balls & the dish of the day

toasted sandwich/480yen

Tuna (From Fresh Water), Soymilk & handmade Mayonnaise.


Chiffon cake/350yen

Plain chiffon cake with a rich taste from the black, unrefined sugar.

Coffee jelly/320yen

Specially selected beans, Coffee made through water extraction.

Rusk/2 piece – 50 yen

Made from the chiffon cake, soft and light.


Blended coffee/Regular: 420 yen Small: 370 yen

Well balanced sweetness, bitterness and sourness.

Water extracted Ice coffee/R: 440 yen S: 390 yen

Extracted drop by drop, mellow and smooth.

Cafe au lait/R: 470 yen S: 420 yen

Local milk mixed with our blended coffee.

Ice café au lait/R: 490 yen S: 440 yen

Local milk mixed with our blended coffee.

Coffee squash/540yen

Iced coffee with soda

Specialty coffee

Kenya/R: 500 yen S: 450 yen

Like a cup of Okinawan sunshine filling your mouth (Distinct sour notes)

Brazil/R: 500 yen S: 400 yen

Distinct sourness a soft bitter notes, much like a pink grape fruit

Ethiopia/R: 520 yen S: 460 yen

A unique flavor with citrus notes

It’s Iced coffee counterpart is even fruiter.


Dimbula (Sri Lanka)/Hot: 370 yen Cold: 420 yen

Familiar tea flavor; a perfect balance between bitterness and richness

Uba (Sri Lanka)/Hot: 370 yen Cold: 420 yen

Flavor like a Rose and Lily of the valley with a deep richness

Hot milk tea/420yen

Fresh local milk and tea leaf from Sri Lanka

Ice milk tea/470yen

Fresh local milk and tea leaf from Sri Lanka

Other drinks

Milk/350 yen

Healthy milk from KIYUNA farm using pesticide-free grass

Orange juice/350 yen

100 % fresh orange juice

Handmade Ginger ale/550 yen

Deep simmered ginger and specially selected black sugar

Beauty & fat-burning fresh juice series/550 yen

Flat lemon: said to promote fat burning

Ginger: many beauty & health benefits