We wanted to make a place where communication is stimulated

through books and a cup of coffee.

The café opened in July 2017.

The feature

We believe that communication is not just the interaction of people.
But, interacting with: books, nature, and ourselves.

It is the forms of communication from our perspective.

So we have 4+1 concepts to promote the communication.

Destiny Library

The library is a collection books from visitors that changed their life. Please feel free to contribute a book from your personal collection that can positively influence someone’s life.

Pay it forward coffee

Customers can give a cup of coffee accompanied with a message on a postcard to someone who comes to the café next. The customer who drank the coffee, writes a response message on the card, and we will post it to the person who gave the cup of coffee.

Healthy food

Additive-free seasoning and local vegetables are used. As our motto, “When you are conscious, you are healthy”, we serve food which is natural and good for your health.

Coffee with specially selected beans

We use high quality beans which give the best aroma and flavor, which dispels any worries in your heart and allows you to relax in comfort. One of our roasters is from COFFEE COUNTRY in Fukuoka.

Supporting road cyclers

We facilitate: bike stands, a bicycle pump, towels, and original additive-free sport drink for road cyclers.


Chiffon cake/480yen

Plain chiffon cake with a rich taste from the black, unrefined sugar.

Water extracted Ice coffee/R: 440 yen S: 390 yen

Extracted drop by drop, mellow and smooth.

Shima Curry & Rice

Fresh vegetables, fragrant spices & Bonito soup.

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Destiny Library

If you are interested in books that gave someone a special insight into how to best live his or her life.

If you want to share a book that changed your life for the better.

If you want to read a book with a nice coffee.

If you are interested in finding your destiny!

Change your destiny’s book


【現代語 古事記/竹田恒泰著】


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Pay It Forward coffee

You can give a cup of coffee accompanied with a message on a postcard to someone who comes to the café next.

You can have a cup of coffee given by someone, and write a response message on the card.

It may be just a small thing to happen in your life,
but in the moment, it would bring you joy!

Pay it forward coffee card

【自分時間を大切に 毎日一生懸命子育てしているパパママへ】



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How to get the BOOK CAFE AETHER